Zion House

Springdale, Utah

Located just outside Zion National Park, the Flyin’ Zion house sits snugly into its hilltop desert site. A low, inconspicuous building that berms partially into a gully as it embraces its desert surroundings. The house size remains modest at 1,200 square feet, however, vaulted ceilings and an open floor plan make the home seem larger than it actually is. To integrate into the surroundings, the house is divided into two pavilions encompassing the public and private realms, separated by a breezeway that allows the house to breathe and can be easily sealed when necessary. The house is partially bermed into the hill, which minimizes the visual impact of the structure while utilizing the mediating properties of the ground in such an harsh climate. The roof’s area equals 3,200 square feet, well over twice the floor area. Large overhangs keep out the scorching summer sun, yet allow the lower-angled winter sun to warm the house. Expansive windows on the north facade take advantage of the magnificent views and help dematerialize the boundaries between inside and out.