Williamsburg Farm House

Williamsburg, Massachusetts

This remodel and addition to an existing 2200 square foot builders home sits on a large piece of property with sweeping views of the forested foothills to the east. With their lifestyle which includes keeping livestock and growing their own food, the owner’s main objective was to expand the existing kitchen and add on a wrap around porch to accommodate their growing family while capturing the views and bringing more light into the home. In order to streamline the cost of the addition, a modified solarium structure was utilized to bring in much needed light into the rest of the main living space and maximize the views. The result is a home which has been redefined. Interior walls were removed to open up the floor plan and brighten the interior spaces. The arrangement of rooms was reworked to allow the new kitchen to access the eating areas while a separate living room and play area were created to organize the functions of daily life. The new kitchen features a large island with its own bar sink and a separate area for a breakfast table. A pass-through counter allows easy serving to the newly located dining area, while the existing dining room was redefined into a much need play room for their 3 children.