Regency Apartments

Martinez, California

Working within a compressed schedule, we worked quickly to resolve the building code requirements with the local building officials to arrive at a sensible repair design solution that was palatable to the parties involved, while simultaneously coordinating the efforts to protect the existing structure from further damage. In order to accomplish this, a two-phase solution was proposed: The first phase involved partial reconstruction of the damaged portions of the building, which allowed the building to be enclosed and weatherproofed throughout the rain season. The second phase involved evaluation and rehabilitation of the remaining components of the existing building. This approach preserved much of the undamaged portions of the existing structure, avoiding unnecessary and wasteful reconstruction. The repair effort resulted in a structure given literally a new life and stands as an example of urban renewal and reuse. Using updated interior and exterior finishes and details over the preserved existing structure, the dated 1970’s apartment building was transformed into a fully renovated contemporary structure.